Do you have insurance and workers compensation?

Yes, Glorioso Tree Services carries both Liability Insurance and coverage under Workers Compensation for all its employees. All our work practices comply with the OSH Act as well as the Industry Safe Work Practices.

How Much Will My Tree Service Cost?

Each tree is different, so Glorioso Tree Service bases their price on access (can our trucks/equipment reach the tree?), the size of the tree, the level of difficulty (are there wires involved?), and the amount of clean up (do you want to chip the brush or cut the wood). Because of these factors, one of our Professionals meets with you personally to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision before your job is scheduled. Estimates are free. Payment can be made by cash, check,Visa, Mastercard and American express. 

Will There be Much Damage to my Property when Removing a Tree?

When you meet with one of our Professionals, we can discuss any specific challenges to working on the trees at your property, but generally NO, we do not damage your property while working on your trees. We can use cranes to remove trees (if necessary), lifting the debris out to the road. Wood and branches can be lowered by use of ropes and mats can be put on lawns and plants to help protect the area and reduce the risk of any damage.
Disclaimer: Must be discussed prior to the job.

What Questions Should I ask a Tree Service Provider?

  • • Do you have proof of Workmans compensation?
    • Do you have proof of Liability Insurance?
    • How many years have you been in business?
    • Do you have the necessary, adequate equipment needed to complete the job safely and efficiently?

Why Should I Prune My Trees and Shrubs Instead of Letting Them Grow Naturally?

A tree will be healthier and will maintain better shape if regular maintenance is performed. Also hedges will stand up better in snow loads and look better without taking over a yard.

When is the Best Time to Prune my Trees?

This is a good, yet difficult question to answer. We recommend consulting with one of our Professionals before doing any pruning as pruning for view, esthetics or for health will often change the way pruning is approached.There are many good reasons to prune in the dormant period in late fall and winter; first, this provides the arborist a good opportunity to evaluate the trees structure which allows the arborist to decide what pruning action should take place to benefit the tree. Secondly, pruning wounds close faster and with reduced insect and disease in the winter, less chance for the tree to become infected. Plus, perennials are dormant; the ground is frozen allowing heavy equipment to move across lawns and therefore fewer interruptions which saves time and money.

During the summer months is another good time for pruning as trees are less susceptible to losing energy at this time